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The Basics EP

by Nursehella

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Oracle 01:58
v1. back once again in my oversize glasses headset locked on straight to hackin long red hair, kicked back relaxin tetris shirt, all pieces matchin runnin these streets by pushin these keys packets attack in lightning speed passwords crackin, whippin like cream ali baba's back bitch, 40 thieves don't front badass at the back of the team level up, ding gratz, navigate supreme analyze, last surprise, so weak in the knees back up in the skies, necronomicon beam no trash mob slob can step to me cuz medjed's dead, shit's so last week i skip no trace, jump rope with ease hopscotch hotsauce on ya bot armies ch. i can ya take heart without takin a step outside of my room cause i'm fresh to death v2. internets goin nuts for jokes, huh? that's how you know I roll wit joker hacks so deep, ichiban broker don't go outside 'cause that's a no sir back from the dead, i'm a blast from the blast like a bolt from the blue, i'm a take off my mask i'm a ghost, i'm a phantom, kickin some ass i'm a rise from my room, from my tomb, bring it back i cut 'em no slack, run a tight ship stats so stacked o.p. wit drip crew so racked and well equipped that heads get turned and tables flipped heads will roll cause stakes is high so exit trolls this is goodbye i'm free as a bird, i'm a give 'em the slip i'm a make like tree, lettuce leaf, i'm a dip
v1. I gotta harem of hoes A bevy bodacious babes 'n gentlemen joes Don't show me no otome game don't want none of those Gimme equal opportunity where anything goes (WORK IT OUT) Expecting triple x from erryone I select Pitching both teams getcha nipples erect I be swingin' for the fence gotta it connect Double menage a trois entendres: comin direct (SOFT PART NOW) Fly without a wingman; Imma make an attack Don't need a cheezy pickup; I'm peepin' GameFAQs Unlockin' erry endin' when I'm playin' it back Cuz all my happy endin's endin' up the sack (GET HARD) Horny hoes and honeys gonna show me some love Waifus, husbandos rub 'em up in the tub NPCs and randos in the rotary club I get busy errywhere makin' anyone flood ch. Fuck her - suck her - nail her - rail her Bone her - own her - then select it Fuck 'em - suck 'em - nail 'em - rail 'em Bone 'em - own 'em - then reject it Fuck her - suck her - nail her - rail her Bone her - own her - then reset it Fuck 'em - suck 'em - nail 'em - rail 'em Bone 'em - own 'em - then eject it v2. Scummin' all my saves cuz Imma digital slut Canon hoes an' basic bitches, tellin' 'em what Takin' advantage of the glitches when I'm givin' em nut Slavin' hoes like Leia cuz I'm Jabba the Hut (TAKE IT OFF) Ichiban no ecchi pervy playin' it out But that moe shit ain't sexy it ain't what I'm about Bad bitches gettin' next to me I'm rubbin' one out Bachelors come and sex me I be makin' em spout (LUNCH TIME NOW) Peanut butter gettin' a snack I be makin' 'em a sandwich when I get in the sack Unicorns get jelly when I jump on a snatch They horny (shwing) so I ride on their backs (BUCK 'EM OFF) Pussy poppin' perfectly it's purple n' pressed I be pushin' priapisms puttin' family to rest None are blood related so it isn't incest So my brothers and my sisters they be gettin' undressed Unskippable Cut Scene: MC: Ah what a find day, for romancin'! Think I'm gonna hit up the Legion Hall, the Kiwanis Club, and last but not least, the Rotary Club. NPC: Hey Main Character! MC: Ah! If it isn't my good friend, NPC! NPC: What are you going to be up today? MC: Imma go get my fuck on at all of these organizations cause that's where the best romancin' is, UGH!
ch. bury me with all my shit don't want you to have it v. to whomever it may concern no concern of mine bury me with all my shit leave no trace behind holiday, a castaway, murder and a suicide heaven knows carusoe goes on friday nights for homicide someone get some just rewards wilson ever get ahead willpower makes you fucking bored boredom makes you more depressed just a desert, just desserts guess what you deserve? deserted and you know the worst deserted with a kilo hurts shallac a thousand blackest nights stranger stranded on the sand shiv 'em, shank 'em, saw, a knife strangle 'em with my two hands this little note, uhh I hope it float, uhh just like a body baby just like a boat, uhh and if it sinks, yeah then burn a witch, uhh or just another motherfuckin' evil bitch, so don't call the cops, no call no police, yeah don't go send out, no no SOS, uhh just bury me, yeah with all my shit, uhh and all I got my last request
ch. [Nursehella & Ultraklystron & Beefy] It's Monopoly but I got property [Ultraklystron & Beefy] I gotta space [Nursehella & Ultraklystron & Beefy] Gotta place Got some grass and trees It's Monopoly but I got property [Ultraklystron & Beefy] I gotta space [Nursehella & Ultraklystron & Beefy] Gotta place [Ultraklystron & Beefy] I gotchu [Nursehella & Ultraklystron & Beefy] You got me v1. [Nursehella] It's no Park Place but there's a place to park I get drunk in the driveway before it gets dark [Ultraklystron] Chop wood got the flames a blaze Creosote log clearin' out chimney ways [Nursehella] Imma write on the walls, imma hang on my balls Imma run around stupid when I stomp down the halls [Ultraklystron] I got the taxes filed, discounts piled Stackin' write offs while the neighbors smile [Beefy] got debt, credit card is maxed Suddenly, who gives a shit bout tax [Beefy & ultraklystron] (ME!) [Beefy] I'm afraid I'll have to ask you To run the, washer dryer and the vacuum - I thank you I don't wanna say that youtube a savior But on my trimmer I can change the fuel lines and the carburetor now Put in cameras and a fake sign up for safegaurd Husqvarna, none other, no shit this is my yard (ch.) v2. [Beefy] Used to. Have a. Wooden. Deck in. My back. Yard bitch. Then I. Tore it. Down with. My bare. Fuckin. Hands. Shit. Not gonna overcharge me Nobody stronger than beef Got sawzaw and I'm cutting it raw and I Rip it apart now it's so fuckin clean [Ultraklystron] I got the saw in the basement Branches dunno what they're facin'! [Nursehella] I got the heat gun it's blastin' I fuckin' melted this plastic, PLAOW! [Ultraklystron] Grindin' the yard rototiller Grubs do not it's a killer! [Nursehella] We gonna rip up the yard and Now I be plantin' a garden! [Ultraklystron] Been chillin with back hoe, I'm like "weeds get out my way!" [Nursehella] Been chillin' with a kink hose Be like "bitch just fuckin' spray," BRRAOW! [Ultraklystron] Gettin' equity with amenities sleepin' restfully Better credit please, payin' flexibly, huh??! [Nursehella] On a wifey lifey, in a kitchen with a knifey Do a lil net n' skypey, gotta mortgage and it's hyphy! [Beefy] With all the debt that we collecting I'll be honest I be sweating If we left then I'd be missin All the freedom I've been getting But yo frankly I've been freatin Every other single second That fate wanna teach a lesson Chaos wanna catch me slippin ha I'm only one bad day away From not being able to play Aeration was scheduled today Yes I got hose and I'm makin em spray outro. [Ultraklystron] Who's that yard? Who's it is? [Nursehella] I kill all ya dogs who be doin' they biz! [Ultraklystron] Three bedrooms and we fill the closets! [Nursehella] Draw on every wall, imma fuckin' artist! [Ultraklystron] The home office get remote deposits! [Nursehella] Watch me work imma caulk these faucets! [Ultraklystron] Landscape with Japanese maples, son! [Nursehella] Thot Team blast you with a staple gun!
intro. Dear Nursehella, Oh! Wait, I meant Nunchuck Bitch! Aw, fucked that one up! Uh, yeah, I'm not the same person... ...as I was before. ch. I'm basically a master Cause I mastered the basics And I debated the bastards And masterbate in their faces v1. (nursehella) (yeah) I ain't here to make enemies I ain't here to make friends I'm just here to make money (cha-ching) Like my dad always said You keep your shit on the low Don't ask and don't tell The basis is need to know So you look out for yourself Note to self: acquire wealth, Keep your bitch on the shelf, Trade happiness for dreams Trade fame for mental health An' I'm a a glass of molasses Half empty, half jackass You're a handful of assholes With the rose tinted glasses You put your bros before hoes And yr chicks before dicks You put your mother before others Yes, you best remember this Take the best, leave the rest Fuck the gun, leave the cannole (Nolely!) If the best is yet to come I'm a save it like a goalie I'm a right the wrongs I left My mistakes are my perfection I'm a move on to the next Still respectin' my depressions Cause I once was Under Pressure, boyee Now it ain't a thing Like Ice, I'm not the same I got that lil bitty ting (tiss!) (ch.) v2. (ultraklystron) so I'm not chasin' vectors: algorithmic forgetter true thematic defector, deflectin' stackin' the cheddar no good for search engine AI hallucination makin' upsettin' moves try to build new sensations feel depression when I try to aim at same locations imitation ain't motivation for this side vocation I ain't tryin' to choke out words like verb intubation if it's work to keep it nerd, then I'll swerve that relation it's all for the sake of maintainin' free creation inspiration straight to unchained association every action impulse, never heeding patience always on my grind, even when on vacations can't fade it for real the boxes can't hold the designs ain't made it until there's toxic ex-stans in replies all hatred will feel ratios, drowned by the tide radiated from radios, as clowns go to die post script. Yeah, you never eat a fuckin' hamburger with onions before you bout ta fuckin' do a rap!


Entered another song writing challenge with themes for each round.


released January 2, 2022

Vocals & lyrics by Danielle Prokop (Nursehella)
Instrumentals, recording, mixing & production by Karl Olson (Ultraklystron)
Additional guest vocals and lyrics on "Property" by Keith Thompson (Beefy) and on "Property" and "The Basics" By Karl Olson (Ultraklystron)
Additional guest instruments on "The Basics" by Josh Klopfenstein (Klopfenpop) and Tanner Brown (Tanner4105)

All songs copyright 2021.


all rights reserved



Nursehella Vancouver, British Columbia

Bonafide bad bitch Hella spits hard and dirty; flowing brainiac wordplay that is unapologetically offensive. Influences include Kool Keith, Princess Superstar, Missy, ODB, OFWGKTA, Gorillaz, Big L and Nirvana.

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