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Rotary Club Dating Sim

from The Basics EP by Nursehella

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I gotta harem of hoes
A bevy bodacious babes 'n gentlemen joes
Don't show me no otome game don't want none of those
Gimme equal opportunity where anything goes

Expecting triple x from erryone I select
Pitching both teams getcha nipples erect
I be swingin' for the fence gotta it connect
Double menage a trois entendres: comin direct

Fly without a wingman; Imma make an attack
Don't need a cheezy pickup; I'm peepin' GameFAQs
Unlockin' erry endin' when I'm playin' it back
Cuz all my happy endin's endin' up the sack

Horny hoes and honeys gonna show me some love
Waifus, husbandos rub 'em up in the tub
NPCs and randos in the rotary club
I get busy errywhere makin' anyone flood

Fuck her - suck her - nail her - rail her
Bone her - own her - then select it
Fuck 'em - suck 'em - nail 'em - rail 'em
Bone 'em - own 'em - then reject it
Fuck her - suck her - nail her - rail her
Bone her - own her - then reset it
Fuck 'em - suck 'em - nail 'em - rail 'em
Bone 'em - own 'em - then eject it

Scummin' all my saves cuz Imma digital slut
Canon hoes an' basic bitches, tellin' 'em what
Takin' advantage of the glitches when I'm givin' em nut
Slavin' hoes like Leia cuz I'm Jabba the Hut

Ichiban no ecchi pervy playin' it out
But that moe shit ain't sexy it ain't what I'm about
Bad bitches gettin' next to me I'm rubbin' one out
Bachelors come and sex me I be makin' em spout

Peanut butter gettin' a snack
I be makin' 'em a sandwich when I get in the sack
Unicorns get jelly when I jump on a snatch
They horny (shwing) so I ride on their backs

Pussy poppin' perfectly it's purple n' pressed
I be pushin' priapisms puttin' family to rest
None are blood related so it isn't incest
So my brothers and my sisters they be gettin' undressed

Unskippable Cut Scene:
Ah what a find day, for romancin'!
Think I'm gonna hit up the Legion Hall, the Kiwanis Club,
and last but not least, the Rotary Club.

Hey Main Character!

Ah! If it isn't my good friend, NPC!

What are you going to be up today?

Imma go get my fuck on at all of these organizations
cause that's where the best romancin' is, UGH!


from The Basics EP, released January 2, 2022


all rights reserved



Nursehella Vancouver, British Columbia

Bonafide bad bitch Hella spits hard and dirty; flowing brainiac wordplay that is unapologetically offensive. Influences include Kool Keith, Princess Superstar, Missy, ODB, OFWGKTA, Gorillaz, Big L and Nirvana.

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