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The Basics (feat. Klopfenpop, Tanner4105 & Ultraklystron)

from The Basics EP by Nursehella

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Dear Nursehella,
Oh! Wait, I meant Nunchuck Bitch!
Aw, fucked that one up!
Uh, yeah, I'm not the same person...
...as I was before.

I'm basically a master
Cause I mastered the basics
And I debated the bastards
And masterbate in their faces

v1. (nursehella)
I ain't here to make enemies
I ain't here to make friends
I'm just here to make money (cha-ching)
Like my dad always said
You keep your shit on the low
Don't ask and don't tell
The basis is need to know
So you look out for yourself
Note to self: acquire wealth,
Keep your bitch on the shelf,
Trade happiness for dreams
Trade fame for mental health
An' I'm a a glass of molasses
Half empty, half jackass
You're a handful of assholes
With the rose tinted glasses

You put your bros before hoes
And yr chicks before dicks
You put your mother before others
Yes, you best remember this
Take the best, leave the rest
Fuck the gun, leave the cannole (Nolely!)
If the best is yet to come
I'm a save it like a goalie
I'm a right the wrongs I left
My mistakes are my perfection
I'm a move on to the next
Still respectin' my depressions
Cause I once was Under Pressure, boyee
Now it ain't a thing
Like Ice, I'm not the same
I got that lil bitty ting (tiss!)


v2. (ultraklystron)
so I'm not chasin' vectors: algorithmic forgetter
true thematic defector, deflectin' stackin' the cheddar
no good for search engine AI hallucination
makin' upsettin' moves try to build new sensations
feel depression when I try to aim at same locations
imitation ain't motivation for this side vocation
I ain't tryin' to choke out words like verb intubation
if it's work to keep it nerd, then I'll swerve that relation

it's all for the sake of maintainin' free creation
inspiration straight to unchained association
every action impulse, never heeding patience
always on my grind, even when on vacations
can't fade it for real the boxes can't hold the designs
ain't made it until there's toxic ex-stans in replies
all hatred will feel ratios, drowned by the tide
radiated from radios, as clowns go to die

post script.
Yeah, you never eat
a fuckin' hamburger with onions
before you bout ta fuckin' do a rap!


from The Basics EP, released January 2, 2022


all rights reserved



Nursehella Vancouver, British Columbia

Bonafide bad bitch Hella spits hard and dirty; flowing brainiac wordplay that is unapologetically offensive. Influences include Kool Keith, Princess Superstar, Missy, ODB, OFWGKTA, Gorillaz, Big L and Nirvana.

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